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Designer Radiator FAQ's

What is the delivery cost?
Orders with a total value of £30 or less - £5
Orders over £30 - Free Next Business Day Delivery
How long is the guarantee?
All our designer rails come with a 5 year guarantee and all our stainless steel rails come with a 25 year guarantee
How do I know my radiator or towel rail will heat my room effectively?
A radiator is sized to provide the heat required for your room. Heat Output is measured in either BTUs or Watts.
BTUs =Watts x 3.412
Watts =BTUs ÷ 3.412
You will see the output of radiators or towel rails referred to on the product page eg. Neva Double 550×1180 White has an output of 6728BTUs or 1973 Watts.
You need to establish the heat requirement needed for your room. To calculate BTU’s multiply length by breadth (ft) by 40 or if using metric measurements length by breadth (m) by 400.
(This is a rough guide only, and to ensure correct BTU’s a qualified heating engineer should be consulted.)
How do I heat my radiator or towel rail?
There are three options, Electric, Central Heating, and Dual Fuel.
Central Heating is fed from your hot water tank, so it will only work when your central heating system is on.
Electric is filled with a heating solution and heated by an electric element, either a standard or thermostatic element. Elements must always be fitted to the bottom of your radiator/towel rail. These are stand alone units and are not connected to any other heating system. Electric towel rails are very popular in bathrooms or kitchens, where underfloor heating is present, especially in the summer months when the heating is probably turned off.
Dual Fuel means your radiator or towel is connected to both the central heating system and an electrical element using a special dual fuel T piece. Using this system means that in the winter months your radiator or towel rail is heated by your central heating system and in the summer months , when your central heating system is turned off, your radiator or towel rail can be heated by electric.
How do I connect an Electric Radiator or Towel Rail?
Your electric radiator will be connected to your mains the same as any other electric appliance in your home. However, instead of a standard plug, your radiator should be hardwired into a fused spur with an on/off switch. This is an important safety feature and should be done by an electrician.
Will a towel rail heat my bathroom?
Any rail will heat your bathroom as long as it is correctly sized ie. Required Heat Output (Watts/BTUs). Problems may occur if the bathroom is very large or poorly insulated, then you may need to use another radiator to boost your heat output.
How do I clean my towel rail or radiator?
The radiator/towel rail must never be used for drying damp or wet materials as this will eventually cause damage to the outer surface. The manufacturer recommends their products should only be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. Water, detergents, or abrasive products must not be used.
How much space do I need to leave around my radiator or towel rail?
To allow the radiator to work at it‘s optimum efficiency you should leave at least 100mm below and 50mm above.
Is there anything I can do to maintain my Radiator?
Most plumbers are moving to the use of inhibitor fluids (Fernox Alphi 1L) to protect pipeworks, boilers and radiators. This fluid is environmentally friendly and non-toxic and keeps your heating system free from corrosion and limescale.
Which valves do I need for my new radiator or towel rail?
There are three types of valves:-
A straight valve is usually fitted when the central heating pipes are directly connected to the towel rail
An angled valve is usually fitted to radiators with side entry connections
A thermostatic valve (TRV) allows you to adjust the heat coming from your radiator. You can adjust the heat from the highest point (5) to the lowest point (1). These valves are slightly bulkier and more expensive, but they will reduce energy waste and provide a more comfortable living environment.